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Can any conveyance carrying goods without cover of prescribed documents be subject to confiscation?


Yes. Section 71 provides that any conveyance carrying goods without the cover of any documents or declaration prescribed under the Act shall be liable to confiscation. However, if the owner of the conveyance proves that the goods were being transported without cover of the required documents/declarations without his knowledge or connivance or without the knowledge or connivance of his agent then the conveyance shall not be liable to confiscation as aforesaid. If the conveyance is being used for carrying goods or passengers for hire then the owner of such a conveyance may be provided an option to pay a fine equivalent to the tax payable on the goods, in lieu of confiscation. Section 72 provides that the confiscation or penalty under section 70 or 71 shall be without prejudice to any other punishment/action provided in the Act for the offence of carrying goods without cover of the required documents/declaration.

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