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23. Tax invoice


A registered taxable person supplying,-

(i) taxable goods shall issue, at the time of supply, a tax invoice showing the description, quantity and value of goods, the tax charged thereon and such other particulars as may be prescribed;

(ii) taxable services shall issue a tax invoice, within the prescribed time, showing the description, the tax charged thereon and such other particulars as may be prescribed:

Provided that a registered taxable person may issue a revised invoice against the invoice already issued during the period starting from the effective date of registration till the date of issuance of certificate of registration to him:

Provided further that a registered taxable person supplying non-taxable goods and/or services or paying tax under the provisions of section 8 shall issue, instead of a tax invoice, a bill of supply containing such particulars as may be prescribed.

Explanation.- The expression “tax invoice” shall be deemed to include a document issued by an Input Service Distributor under section 17, and shall also include any supplementary or revised invoice issued by the supplier in respect of a supply made earlier.

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