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69. Detention of goods and conveyances, and levy of penalty


(1) Where any person –

(i) transports any goods or stores such goods while they are in transit in violation of the provisions of this Act; or

(ii) stores or keeps in stock goods or supplies goods which have not been accounted for in the books or records maintained by him in the manner required by this Act;

all such goods and the conveyance used as a means of transport for carrying the said goods shall be liable to detention, in the manner prescribed, by the proper officer and shall be released only after payment of applicable tax, interest and penalty leviable thereon or upon furnishing a security, in such form as may be prescribed, equivalent to the amount of the applicable tax, interest and penalty.

(2) No tax, interest or penalty shall be determined under sub-section (1) without giving a notice to show cause and without giving the person a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

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