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What are the precautions to be observed while issuing summons?


The following precautions should generally be observed when summoning a person:-

  1. A summon should not be issued for appearance where it is not justified. The power to summon can be exercised only when there is an inquiry being undertaken and the attendance of the person is considered necessary.
  2. Normally, summons should not be issued repeatedly. As far as practicable, the statement of the accused or witness should be recorded in minimum number of appearances.
  3. Respect the time of appearance given in the summons. No person should be made to wait for long hours before his statement is recorded except when it has been decided very consciously as a matter of strategy.
  4. Preferably, statements should be recorded during office hours; however an exception could be made regarding time and place of recording statement having regard to the facts in the case.
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