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45. Scrutiny of returns


(1) The proper officer may scrutinize the return and related particulars furnished by the taxable person to verify the correctness of the return in such manner as may be prescribed.

(2) The proper officer shall inform the taxable person of the discrepancies noticed, if any, after such scrutiny in such manner as may be prescribed and seek his explanation thereto.

(3) In case the explanation is found acceptable, the taxable person shall be informed accordingly and no further action shall be taken in this regard.

(4) In case no satisfactory explanation is furnished within a period of thirty days of being informed by the proper officer or such further period as may be permitted by him or where the taxable person, after accepting the discrepancies, fails to take the corrective measure within a reasonable period, the proper officer may initiate appropriate action including those under section 49, 50 or section 60, or proceed to determine the tax and other dues under sub-section (6) of section 51 A or under subsection (6) of section 51 B.

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