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81. Constitution of the National Appellate Tribunal


(1) The Central Government shall on the recommendation of the GST Council constitute a National Goods and Services Tax Appellate Tribunal (hereinafter referred to as the Appellate Tribunal).

(2) The Appellate Tribunal shall be headed by a National President.

(3) The Appellate Tribunal shall have one branch for each state, which shall be called as the State GST Tribunal.

(4) Every State GST Tribunal will be headed by a State President.

(5) Every State GST Tribunal shall consist of as many Members (Judicial), Members (Technical - CGST) and Members (Technical - SGST) as may be prescribed, to exercise the powers and discharge the functions conferred on the Appellate Tribunal by this Act.

(6) The qualifications, eligibility conditions and the manner of selection and appointment of the National President, the State Presidents, and the Members shall be such as may be prescribed on the recommendations of the Council.

(7) The National President and the State Presidents shall exercise such powers and discharge such functions as may be prescribed on the recommendations of the Council.

(8) On ceasing to hold office, the National President, the State Presidents or other Members of the Appellate Tribunal shall not be entitled to appear, act or plead before the Appellate Tribunal.

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