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Reconcile GSTR-2A in 30 seconds with GSTplus Reconciliation Utility


Yes, you read it correctly. You can now reconcile your GSTR2A data with your Purchase Register in few seconds.

We have made a simple easy to use excel which process your entire data in a click and shows you the result with status.

Steps to reconcile:

1) Input your GSTR-2A data into the 'B2B from GSTN' sheet.

Simply copy paste the GSTR-2A B2B data from the excel downloaded from the GSTN portal into the utility. You can enter multiple months data (entire financial year) all at one go. This is very helpful to map invoices create by the counter party in last days of a particular month. As there may be a possibility that your Purchase Register has a different date (of next month) recorded in it for the same invoice number.

2) Input your Purchase Register details.

Copy paste your purchase register details into sheet 'Purchase Register'. You can enter multiple months data (entire financial year) all at one go.

3) Right click and click on Reconcile Now button.

That's it. You shall see the reconciliation report in the Reco sheet. 

A detailed step-by-step guide you can check from this link.

Most comprehensive report you get:

1) Matched record list.

2) Missing in Purchase Register record list.

3) Missing in GSTN record list.

4) Mis-matched record list.

5) Compare full financial year data. So no issue of missing any Input Tax Credit.

6) Get suggested action list in case of any error.

Many more features to come in this utility. Download Now.

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