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Details of chapter we fall under

Respected Sir

We are indigenous manufacturers of Emission Monitoring Systems and Broken Bag Detectors. Both these instruments are categorised as Capital Goods.

The end use of both these instruments is in factories and is to monitor the emissions released into the atmosphere, (from various processes).

As per the GST Overview, all Capital Goods are categorised under 18% GST Rate.

However, as per Excise Norms, we fall under Chapter 8531 (Indicator Panel). This Chapter has been categorised under 28% GST Rate. 

The closest description for our equipments was under Chapter 8531 and we were advised so by our Excise Department when we registered ourselves under Excise.

Kindly clarify to us whether we should charge 18% GST or 28% GST.

We are sure that the objective of the Government cannot be to tax Capital Goods and Environment Related Goods under 28% GST

Your reply / clarification would be greatly appreciated.




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