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About last year Excise Set off

To Dear Sir / Madam ,

I understand for stock remained unsold till 30th June 2017 , there are following questions I have .

- stock remained unsold against Purchases from 1st July 2016 till 30th June 2017 are valid to avail
Full Excise benefit if purchase is on my name with Excise details shown in my purchase bills .

What if I do not have ECC no. ? Will I get the benefit of Excise duty if my name appears on my Purchase
bill in column "Billed on" & what if my name appears in column "Delivered to" but " Billed on" my supplier's name ?

To get full benefit , do I have to sell entire stock by 31st Dec 2017 , if GST comes into effect from 1st July 2017 ?

Thanks & Regards,


Pramukh Paper


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